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How To Host A Romantic Date At A Winery: Three Ideas To Consider

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Wineries offer beautiful settings, delicious wines, and a romantic atmosphere, making them ideal for a night with your significant other. If you are looking for a romantic date idea, here are three options you can use at your local winery. Contact the management at the winery and see which ones you can put to work for your next date.

Private Winery Tour

Some wineries offer private tours, which give you a chance to spend a quiet evening with your significant other. Ask about options for tastings throughout the tour. You may find that the winery can arrange wine flights along with charcuterie and cheeses during the tour. Make this date even more special by arranging for a limousine to provide safe and elegant transportation to and from the winery. If you don't have the budget for a private tour, ask the winery about semi-private tours, which typically take smaller groups of guests on the tours.

Enjoy A Five-Star Meal

Look for a winery that has a restaurant or dining room, and arrange to have dinner and a wine tasting. Wineries with fine dining options can provide the perfect setting for an anniversary meal or for a marriage proposal with dinner. Ask about whether or not private dining rooms are available, and request one for either of these special occasions, and consider hiring a photographer to capture the magic of the night. If dining at your local winery isn't an option, arrange for a private tour, and then buy a bottle of wine you can bring to a local BYOB restaurant to continue your date.

Wine-Making Tours

For a more casual, but equally romantic, date idea, consider taking your special someone to an interactive wine-making tour. Wineries sometimes offer these types of tours to give visitors an inside look at how wine is made. You may be able to stomp the grapes, pick grapes off of the vine, or even bottle your own wine from a barrel. This date idea is perfect for an afternoon outing, which you can then follow with dinner at a local restaurant. Look for a winery that offers other attractions, such as horse-drawn carriage rides, to complete your romantic date.

Check out the websites for your local wineries, like HWC, to see if they have any date  packages you can take advantage of, or contact your favorite winery to make special arrangements for you and your significant other.