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Setting Up A Home Bar? 4 Steps To Mixing On A Budget

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For any cocktail aficionado, setting up your home bar is both fun and a key to entertaining. But if you’re on a budget, how can you create a great home bar without breaking the bank? Here are a few steps to follow to make it work for everyone — especially the host. Stock the Basics You’ll need to have a few basics on hand in order to entertain your friends and enjoy beautiful evenings at home. Read More»

How Can You Make Your Own Plum Wine?

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If you’ve long been interested in brewing or fermenting your own alcohol but aren’t sure you have the patience (or head for measurements) required to achieve the delicate balance of an IPA or pinot noir, you may be considering starting on a smaller scale with some simple fruit wines. Not only can these wines be easy and fun to create, they can provide you with the perfect way to make use of fresh fruit that may be just a bit past its prime. Read More»

3 Wine Events To Consider

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One of the best parts about being a wine enthusiast is that there are a large number of different events that you can go to in order to meet other enthusiasts and partake in the wine. However, it can often be a bit tricky to choose which wine event to go to considering that there are so many different options out there. Listed below are three wine events to consider attending. Read More»

How To Host A Romantic Date At A Winery: Three Ideas To Consider

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Wineries offer beautiful settings, delicious wines, and a romantic atmosphere, making them ideal for a night with your significant other. If you are looking for a romantic date idea, here are three options you can use at your local winery. Contact the management at the winery and see which ones you can put to work for your next date. Private Winery Tour Some wineries offer private tours, which give you a chance to spend a quiet evening with your significant other. Read More»

Three Tips For Throwing A Dessert And Cocktail Party

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Entertaining at home doesn’t mean you have to plan a large dinner menu. The cocktail party is a traditional favorite, but it normally comes before a meal or evening out on the town. Instead, consider reversing things and throwing a dessert party for after an evening at the movies or theater. The following are three things to keep in mind if you opt for this type of gathering. #1: Don’t skimp on the atmosphere Read More»